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Chemicals & Minerals

  • Attapulgite Powder

    Attapulgite Powder

    Appearance : Light Cream Soft Clay

    Odour : Odourless

    Material : Attapulgite Clay (hydrated Magnesium Aluminium Silicate)

    Absorbency : Approx 5 Liters per Bag Depending On Substance Being Adsorbed

    Relative Density : Approx 2

  • Cenosphere


    Silica : 55%-65%

    Alumina : 15% -35%

    Iron Oxide : 1% -5%

    Titania : 0.5 %-1.5%

    Application : Oil Well & Geo Thermal Cementing, Paints, Lightweight Concrete, Foundry & Refractory

  • Dolomite


    SiO2 : 0.77 to 7%

    CaO : 28 to32%

    MgO : 18 to 22 %

    Fe2O3 : 0.30 to 0.60 %

    Al2O3 : 0.27 to 0.35 %

  • Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate

    Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate

    Type : Animal Feed Supplement

    Color : Brown

    Purity : 90-95 %

    Shelf Life : 2-3 Years

    Grade : Animal Feed Grade

  • Sepiolite Clay

    Sepiolite Clay

    Material : Sepiolite Clay

    Form : Powder

    Features : Effective, Safe To Use

    Whiteness : 0-50%

    Use as : Absorbents, Environmental Deodorants, Catalyst Carriers, Asphalt Coatings, Paints, Pharmaceutical Use, Decolorizing Agents, Grease Thickeners, Drilling Fluids

  • Silica Sand

    Silica Sand

    We Are Exporters And Suppliers Of Silica Sand Collected From Trusted Source And Processed Further.

    Unique Featurers :

    • Free From Mud And Other Impurities;
    • Available In Different
  • Talc Powder

    Talc Powder

    Color : White

    Purity : 99%

    Form : Powder

    Used In : Paints,Paper, Rubber and Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Bentonite Powder

    Bentonite Powder

    Our Bentonite Powder is of unmatched quality that is specially made top be used in ceramic industries, civil or piling works and oil well drilling works. With our wide connections to several manufacturers of chemicals, we can

  • Barite Powder

    Barite Powder

    Fine quality and pure Barite Powder is available in our store! We are reckoned as a top-notch Importer, Exporter and Supplier of Barite Powder in Gujarat, India. To deliver it in the best state, we provide Barite (Barium

  • China Clay

    China Clay

    We offer china clay lumps and powder suitable for application in ceramics Industries, Welding rod manufacturing, refractory products manufacturing, Paper Industries, Rubber & Paint Industries etc.

  • Mica Flakes & Powder

    Mica Flakes & Powder

    AFT supply, export of mica flakes, powder of different grade,widely used in paint industries,, plastic industries, oil well drilling,welding electrode manufacturing industries, gypsum plaster board manufacturing and many other.

  • Ball Clay

    Ball Clay

    AFT export & supply Ball Clay Lumps and powder of different grade, widely used in ceramic industries.

    Price given for lumps, EXW india.

    Please confirm latest price before placing order.

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